The Morning Train

Smell is a big thing on the train. There are a lot of them. Some of them are telltale. Cigarette smoke is common; the smell of a heavy smoker is easily detected from the seats behind and in front of the smoker. This morning’s smell was a heavy smoker smell with the addition of something not very common on the 6:30 am train; alcohol. It reeked. My task was to pinpoint it. It didn’t  take me long to trace it’s source to the young construction worker in front of me. He was fidgeting a lot, looking around a lot, he had clearly made the woman next to him uncomfortable. She leaned away from him.

I wonder what he does on the construction site. I hope it’s nothing dangerous. Then it occurred to me that there is not much that isn’t dangerous on a construction site. I wondered how long he could keep his job and continue drinking at 6:00 am. Will today be the day they cut him loose? Tomorrow?  As I watch him exit the train in his hard-hat and boots, I thought to myself, “It’s coming son. I hope you’re prepared.” I suspect he won’t be.

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