Laundry Sorting Enforced by Glock

Spring is such a happy time in Atlanta.  15 shootings in one weekend.  Really?  People just don’t hit each other anymore, that’s the problem.  Anyway, this story caught my attention in the paper; I just had to read about all these shootings.  Just what are people shooting each other for?  I gotta know.

Four of them were shot by the same guy, apparently pissed off about something unknown, but clearly significant.  After shooting two, he drove across town and shot two more.

A few of them were over run-of-the-mill drug deals gone bad.  That seems to be a growing problem that needs to be addressed.  It’s getting to the point where these poor drug dealers can’t go anywhere without getting shot at anymore.  If it continues, the price of street drugs will just continue to sky-rocket and then everybody loses.

One shooting took place during an argument on an escalator in Underground Atlanta. Next time your buddy asks you to pick up an Orange Julius on your way back from Foot Locker, you might think twice about blowing him off.

A couple more shootings were just random drive-byes, and those are just to be expected.

This is the one that really grabbed my attention:

4 p.m. SaturdayA 66-year-old man shot his adult son, Cobb County police said, after an argument between the son and his mother over “putting his whites in the laundry.” The father joined in and got his handgun to make a point, police said.

Holy crap. I remember how mad I was when my mom told me I couldn’t go to a Foghat concert with my friends because I refused to clean my room. Looking back, I am really grateful that my dad didn’t march down the stairs and shoot me in the head.  Thanks Dad.

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