Let it go Cracker Jack

Ok, enough is enough.  If it is no longer possible for Frito Lay to maintain the quality of a product, then it’s time to let that product go.  My grandfather used to buy me boxes of Cracker Jack.  I remember tearing open the prize before I even started eating the caramel popcorn & peanuts.  There was always some fun little trinket in there; a little plastic ring, a very inaccurate, but working compass, lick-on tatoos, tiny comic books, tiny snap-together cardboard planes that didn’t really fly but were fun anyway, little whistles, plastic magnifying lens.  I used to like to eat all the popcorn first so I would end up with a handful of candy coated peanuts that I would pop into my mouth all at once – the happy ending!

I bit my tongue when they came out with Cracker Jack in a bag instead of a box.  I understood. Maybe not economically feasible, hard to load into vending machines.  Okay.  But then the prizes started getting shittier and shittier.  Now it’s nothing but printed pieces of paper.  If you fold the corners the picture of a founding father becomes a picture of a different founding father.  Wow, how fun is THAT?!  I just can’t stop doing it.  I give them to my friends as gifts.

Today, I got this:



Is there a kid ANYWHERE who would say, “Wow, what a cool thingy on your pencil.  Where’d ya get it?”  Hell no!  This would be a death sentence for any kid!

Give it up Frito Lay.  Really.  You are ruining your legend like Brett Favre….