It’s not harder to get up, it just takes more space

Just got back from doing my Camp Horizon thing.  One interesting observation I made was the process of getting up off the floor.  There is a lot of sit-down-on-the-floor, get-up-off-the-floor that takes place in the course of a day at camp.  I noticed that us old guys were always the last ones to stand up.  At first notice, I just figured it was because it took longer because of our age.  Then I noticed that none of us ever started to get up at the same time everyone else did.  The time required to stand was actually about the same; it just took more space!  We were all waiting for the crowd to thin so that we would have enough room to A) extend our legs forward and arms back and B) flip over to the push up position so that we would step into the squat required to stand.

It was quite comical once I was aware of it.  First wave of young people standing straight up from where they sat.  Second wave of old folks rolling around on the floor like fish before rising at the same time.  It goes without saying that getting up for older folks is much more audible than everyone else also.