Camp Horizon 2007

Just returned from my yearly stint at Camp Horizon. If you want to know what I do there, you can read the journal I kept several years ago. This year was a little different in that I was totally out of shape. At first, I thought it was my age catching up to me, but now I am pretty sure it was the extra 20 pounds I took with me.

One funny incident came on the evening we were treated to a magic show. The magician was pretty good if you like that kind of thing. Personally, I find magic acts kind of cheesy but the kids loved it. At one point, the magician did a trick with several items of junk food – nuts, chips, soda, cookies, etc. At the end of the trick, he handed out the junk food to some “lucky kids” in the audience. My camper was the lucky recipient of the cookies. He was beaming when he got them. Later in the act, the magician turned a one-dollar bill into a five-dollar bill and handed that to a young lady in the first row. My camper looked at the young lady and then at his cookies and exclaimed “What the hell?”

A not so funny incident occurred when I got home and got the bill for all the text messaging I did with girlfriend while at camp. I thought I had unlimited text messaging when in fact I had “starter 200”. STARTER 200, can you believe that?! The training wheels of text messaging! Nice $82 lesson.

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