The New Age of Fireworks

I know I am a little behind on blogging. I actually seem to have found a life lately! So anyway, just an observation I wanted to make last week on the 4th of July. I was sitting on the deck waiting to see fireworks on the horizon when I noticed kids in the backyard of the house behind me with fireworks of their own. Watching them light firecrackers and bottle rockets made me smile as it reminded me of doing the same when I was a kid. Then I remembered, I didn’t have firecrackers and bottle rockets when I was a kid!

In fact, as I watched them take aim at the neighbor’s now barking dog, I began to get really annoyed at my own childhood 4th of July’s. I had sparklers. Freakin’ sparklers! Do they even make these harmless marvels anymore? As I watched these kids fire off Roman Candles, Spin Fountains, Repeater Cakes, Reloadable Mortars, RPG’s and what I think were two Stinger Missles, I remembered my “snakes”. The little black disc that you hold a match to and watch it grow into a telescoping ash up to eight inches long. Woo-Frickin’-Woo. I thought I was such a rebellious delinquent when I would throw my sparkler into the air while my parents weren’t looking. Living on the edge, I was.

I actually found myself hoping for some carnage here just so I could be vindicated. I know, that is wrong and totally unfair to these little bastards, but you know what? Smashing your thumb while trying to hit a roll of caps with a hammer is REALLY unfair….