Does your remote need cleaning?

Okay here’s one for the monthly moron awards. I just spent a good 25 minutes searching for my remote control, the one in the bedroom. It became a quest, verified by the fact that I walked past the TV ten times while searching for the thing. I was determined not to change the channels manually. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I even went out and looked in my car, don’t ask me why. Then I heard the washing machine ding. Why would that be significant to this story? Because I was washing my bedspread – the last place I saw the remote control.

Vicki Stacker Is Easy

I was moving some boxes today and came across something that reminded me of a youthful incident I had almost forgotten about. Something that happened to me in high school, which looking back on now, makes me smile. No, not High School; the incident.

When I was a sophomore, there was a brief time when I dated the High School Slut. I know, at first that sounds bad on more than one level; first that I would refer to her as a slut (I just went back to the title and changed the name, just in case she googles) and second, that I would date her, especially as a high school sophomore.

What can I say; she picked me. She was a grade ahead of me but still, she began flirting with me and making obscene gestures during study hall and I was a walking hormone. Of course I was receptive. Soon we were officially “going together”. I don’t even know if that phrase is used anymore. God how old am I? Anyway, dating then meant mostly school functions; basketball games, pizza parties, homecoming, etc.  Continue reading “Vicki Stacker Is Easy”

You can keep your hat on…

A few years ago, a friend said he’d loan me his CD’s if I wanted to rip them (Cover your eyes RIAA). I was a little surprised when he brought in a grocery bag full of burned CD’s; dozens of them. They included the official Top 100 songs for every year all the way back to 1955 (note, 1955 “Top 100” consisted of 40 songs; half of which were about Daniel Boone).

Well it took me about two weeks to rip them all, I actually wore out the built in CD burner. I spent some time <em>trying</em> to organize them, but there were over 5,000 songs in there, enough for me to play weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s.

Well, since my laptop left me, and found a new place to dwell, I had to redo all the playlists on the new machine. While I was doing that I came across a song I couldn’t believe was in there. I tried to copy it into garage band so I could export it in a format I could share with you all, but I just can’t figure out how to do that. So I’ll just have to describe it. Continue reading “You can keep your hat on…”