Next time you’re with friends (in bed)

Well, I have nothing to blog about today. Not only did nothing interesting happen, but nothing funny happened either, not even remotely. I kind of don’t want to lose my momentum though – I’ve already blogged more this week than I did in the last eighteen months.

All I can think of is this: Have you ever played that stupid, childish game where you end everything with the words “in bed.” I say stupid and childish in an effort to inflate your perspective of me and distance myself from the intellectually bankrupt, but I really love this game! Especially when your friends are t-totally sick of it and want you to stop. That’s when it truly becomes funny!

<Try it if you haven’t. Yes, it’s childish and silly and yes, your (sober) friends will get annoyed. But watch what happens if you keep it up. Don’t cave. Keep doing it (in bed). Within a short time from their annoyed looks, it will become funny again and they WILL be forced to crack up. Suddenly it becomes hysterical. I swear to God, try this.

That is all.