Conversations From The Back Seat

Young Andrew: “No, I don’t want to spend it on that. I only need two more dollars for Nye’s Fake Blood”.

Young Brett: “How much is it”?

Young Andrew: “Fifteen dollars for sixteen ounces”.

Young Brett: “Dude, you can get fake blood at Party City a lot cheaper than that”.

Young Andrew: “Nye’s Fake Blood”?

Young Brett: “No, but it’s just as good”.

Young Andrew: “No it’s not”.

Young Brett: “Well it’s almost as good. At least it is when it drys. It doesn’t flake or get darker”.

Young Andrew: “Nothing is as good as Nye’s Fake Blood, especially not the gel”.

Young Brett: “Well yeah, the gel rocks. But still, it doesn’t cost fifteen dollars. Besides, you can make your own fake blood with food coloring and salt crystals even cheaper”.

Young Andrew: “I’m not using home-made fake blood”!

Young Brett: “Me neither, but I’m just saying I could make it myself if I wanted”.

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