A Little Giant Ladder, Drugs and a 1965 Mailman

I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep last night so I got up and turned on the boob tube. I can usually find something to put me to sleep. There’s nothing more fascinating than <em>discovering</em> the mating habits of octopuses or octopi or whatever. Anyway, I got hung up on an infomercial about the Little Giant Ladder. Not that the Little Giant Ladder is not worth blogging about, it is pretty cool. But what I feel the need to blog about are two things only related to the Little Giant Ladder infomercial. 

Right in the middle of the infomercial there was a commercial! I swear a commercial. Not one tied to or even loosely related to the Little Giant Ladder, but a commercial about mail order prescriptions or something. I wish I could remember what it was; it didn’t really hit me until we went back to the infomercial. That just blows me away. I wonder if the Little Giant Ladder people (now there’s a funny little visual) know that a piece of the airtime they paid for to sell their crap is being used to sell some other crap.

Now here’s the second thing that really got me and part of the reason I got too distracted to notice a commercial in an infomercial. The commercial had this big scene with a mailman postal worker WALKING DOWN THE SIDEWALK WITH A MAILBAG, with a spring in his step, smiling and handing mail to some folks waiting at the door in their bathrobes. Okay, I won’t even go into the smiling postal worker dichotomy, and I still don’t know why they were in their bathrobes, but a WALKING MAILMAN??? When was the last time anyone saw a mailman walking….with a mailbag…down the sidewalk. They won’t even deliver my mail at the street if the trash can is too close to the mailbox. They can’t be expected to be spending all that extra time putting the little truck in <strong>reverse</strong>, or God forbid actually step out of the thing.

So I’m guessing that’s how the drug company gets you. You can only get this mail order prescription if you live in a community that actually has a walking mailman. And the only place where that exists is somewhere in 1965.

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