Grab That Cash With Both Hands And Make A Stash

Do you remember all the things growing up that you wouldn’t do, even for a million dollars? I remember telling my friend Tommy that I wouldn’t kiss Joline Stinski for a million dollars. Who knew someone with the name Stinski would turn out to be a major babe? I also told a friend (Bobby, I think) that I wouldn’t let him ride my Schwinn Orange Krate for a million dollars. I think he suspected I was lying.

Anyway, I can think of lots of stuff I said I wouldn’t do for a million dollars. But I just can’t fathom hating anyone so badly that I wouldn’t do a reunion tour for $250,000,000! Thank you Pink Floyd. There are only 4 of them for chrissake, that’s over….um, well it’s a butt load of money! I would do a reunion tour with my ex for that much! I would do a reunion tour with George W. Bush, Jimmy Swaggart, Barry Manilow and Dr. Phil for that much!

Can you imagine? Having so much money that 250 million just wouldn’t be worth it?

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