Remedial Rodeo

We went to the Rodeo last night with Jay and Sue. Last year’s rodeo was my first and I really enjoyed it. This year, not so much. Only two guys successfully wrestled steers, nobody was able to rope a calf or even pen one and nobody was able to stay on a bull either. I’m thinking this was the B Team.

This was Jay and Sue’s first rodeo, so that was kind of fun. Sue invented a new phrase or sniglet if you will: Saddle Sniffers – the term used to describe women who hover around the cowboy area like groupies. Jay stood up and hollared when the announcer asked if there was anyone there who was new to rodeo. He really didn’t need to stand though; his yelling “Get off the field!” and repeatedly holding up the LOSER sign pretty much gave him away as a newbie. At any rate, a good time was had by all.

Election Training ’05

Why did I do this? WHY? Apparently I blocked out all the madness from my election training last year by the time they called and asked me to do it again this year. Apparently, I had forgotten that I hated working the polls so much that I wrote a song about it and produced a video. Maybe because it’s only a special referendum election, I thought it would be simpler. Maybe since they asked me to be a manager this year which means different people and different classes, I thought things might actually be, well…different.  Continue reading “Election Training ’05”

70 mile an hour dump

This is turning out to be pet rehab month at the ole Melman homestead. What with all the Boomer drama going on, I almost forgot about scheduling Midge to be fixed. Interesting word, fixed, but that’s another blog.

Anyway, the Vet called yesterday and told us not to feed her after 8:00 and no water after midnight. Well, as I mentioned before, Midge has this hankering’ for my tomatoes, so I had to close the gate that she used to go to the bathroom so she wouldn’t eat any. This morning she looked very confused when I let her out to do her thing and she couldn’t go through the gate. I was soon to learn just how confused she really was.

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