Cowboy Night

Okay, okay! I’ll write something. I didn’t even realize people actually read this blog, but my email is actually filling up with bored readers! I’ve been very busy lately with Camp Horizon. This was my third year as a counselor. Compared to other years, this was the toughest for me but the summer camp was not without its high points.

Every year, there is a different theme for camp. Last year it was a safari, the year before it was the beach, this year the theme was western round-up. Since there is always a dress up night, I thought it’d be fun to wear cowboy stuff, you know, leather vest, cowboy hat, bandana, etc. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find any of that stuff. Party City had a cowboy hat, but it was felt and looked kind of pimpish. They didn’t have a vest, but I found a hippy costume with sort of a vest with long fringes. I did find a sheriff’s badge and a bandana, so I figured I was set. I should have tried it all on at the same time and looked in the mirror first…

Dress up night rolls around and I put on all my garb and walk outside. I’m kind of exhausted at this stage so I just stand there staring into space while I wait for my camper to come out. I snapped out of it when I notice three of my fellow counselors looking in my direction and laughing their asses off. I quickly look down to make sure I am wearing pants but everything looks in order, so I walk over smiling and say, “What’s up?”

Seth is grinning ear to ear and says, “Did you ever see that movie, Something About Mary?”

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Remember the scene where Mary’s retarded brother Warren came out of the store wearing that cowboy outfit? Dude, you looked just like that!”

All three counselors begin rolling on the ground again. The rest of the night, counselors kept coming up to me saying “Franks and beans!” and “Where’s my baseball?!”

Where is the love I ask you?

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