Conversations From The Back Seat

Young Andrew: No, you’ll steal it, like you stole my Dragon Master card.

Young Brett: I didn’t steal it, I gave it back.

Young Andrew: Yeah, a week later.

Young Brett: Well, I didn’t steal it.

Melman: If you took it, it’s still stealing even if you gave it back.

Young Brett: What if I gave him an even better card back?

Melman: Stealing.

Young Andrew: You’d have to give me two Dragon Master’s AND a Doom Slayer for it not to be stealing.

Young Brett: I should have traded it with my Key Master card and I could have gotten two Doom Slayers and kept one for myself and given the other two to you.

Melman: It’s even worse if you do something wrong and then profit by it too.

Young Andrew: I do that all the time.

Melman: You do? And you call yourself a Cub Scout?

Young Andrew: Well, if I hit my sister, it usually profits me.

Melman: How does that profit you?

Young Andrew: I don’t know, it just does.

Young Brett: It helps his self-esteem.

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