Weekend List

Here’s a list of things I did not do this weekend.

I did not ride my horse. I groomed and fed him, but since he freaked out and fell on his keester last week, I have not ridden him.

I did not wash the car OR the truck (the truck is no longer even recognizable).

I did not blow leaves, again.

I did not fix the Hot Tub. I thought I did. But I didn’t.

I did not finish Christmas shopping, in fact, I did NO Christmas shopping.

I did not pick up my meds at the pharmacy (as opposed to the street corner).

I did not make requested web site changes for GSW.

I did not sweep/vacuum the floors.

I did not get any further along in the boring book I’ve been reading forever.

I did not win the lottery, again.

I did not go flying.

I did not reinstall the FTP software on the laptop.

I did not find my Congressional Medal of Honor although now that I think about it, I may not have had one in the first place.

I did not have enough intestinal fortitude to watch the Packers past halftime.

I did not fart while getting a soda from the fridge even though I was accused of it.

And finally, I did not spend near enough time lying on the couch thinking about all the stuff that needed to be done.

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