Fortune Cookies

I had lunch with a friend yesterday at my favorite Chinese place. When we were done, I read my fortune cookie; something about being a trusting soul or something. My friend read his to me; “Nothing bad will happen to your home”.

Wow, now that’s taking a chance don’t you think? I mean you could sue the Chinese Fortune Cookie place pretty easily over a statement that broad. Shouldn’t they have said “house” instead of “home”? Home implies something beyond the physical, like family and friends. And to just say nothing bad will happen to it……EVER? Come on, that’s kind of ballsy to not even put some kind of time frame on there.

If I’m the owner of the Fortune Cookie company, I’m gonna be much more specific in my statements to the public. I wouldn’t need a lawyer to tell me a more efficient fortune should read, “Your current house will be free from termites and water damage for the next eight weeks.” </span>

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