Don’t wait to get stabbed up

What a crappy weekend, for lots of reasons I won’t go into here. The weather certainly didn’t help; cold and wet mostly.

On the way out to feed the horses Saturday morning, I was listening to talk radio when a listener called in to make comments about the NBA melee in Detroit Friday night. Specifically, they were discussing whether fans should be afraid to sit near the players or even attend games at all. The caller seemed intelligent and was using good grammar and making good points, right up until he said, “What if that same guy with a knife decided to stab up the whole stadium?

Although I first focused on the phrase “stab up”, I was more dumbfounded over the “whole stadium” concept. Could this really happen? Could one person really stab up a whole stadium? Using the calculator on my cell phone, I did a rough estimate. Assuming The Palace holds 20,000 fans, and assuming it would take one second to stab someone and one second to move on to the next victim, it would take 12 hours to stab up the whole stadium.

Now, that is certainly possible given an athletic stabber with strong untiring wrists, but I have a hard time visualizing anyone standing there for 12 hours waiting to be stabbed. I mean, lets face it, it’s not going to take more than an hour or so for word to start spreading about this guy stabbing up people. You know how people are, they can’t keep their noses out of others peoples business and they like to gossip about this kind of thing. And also, I’m pretty sure we would notice the growing number of lifeless, bleeding bodies. Maybe not while the game was still going on, but certainly when it was over some people would start leaving. Wouldn’t they? I usually leave when the game is over, but then again, to be fair, I’ve never come across large numbers of lifeless, bleeding bodies at a sporting event. Who knows how I might react. I might think, “Wow, none of those bleeding people are leaving, maybe I shouldn’t leave either.” And then WHAM, I’m stabbed up!

I don’t know, I just don’t. I was going to call in to that radio show and talk about this, but thought better about it.

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