Sick of being sick…

Wow, my turn with the cold thing. I’ve never had a cold that kicked my butt this much and lasted this long. I am so sick of lying around the house. I’m sick of reading, I’m sick of playing free cell on my palm pilot, I’m sick of weird repetitive dreams, and most of all, I’m sick of watching TV!

I must have watched a million movies over the past 4 days; I can’t remember any of them. Nighttime TV is way better than daytime TV; I learned all about concrete and the breeding habits of beetles. I knew it was time to come back to work when I found myself watching Jerry Springer. Actually, it WAS fascinating. This guy was tired of his wife “whomilliaiding” him in public places like Walmart (there were lots of incidents in the Walmart). He told her he wanted her out of the trailer so that he could move her mother in; he’d been sleeping with her for three weeks. I don’t care how whomilliaiding his wife made him feel; at least she had all her teeth…. But I digress.

Another reason I had to get back to work was because I couldn’t stop eating. Boredom I guess. I was even eating stuff from the back of the refrigerator. You know, the last three flat, floating olives that have been back there since the St. Patrick’s Day party, old provolone cheese (which I dipped in crusty barbecue flavored mustard from an unknown restaurant. I know it sounds gross, but it’s not like I could taste anything. I even found and ate some Melba toast. I’m not even sure why we had Melba toast, but it was there, taking up cabinet space, so I ate it. I didn’t have any barbecue flavored mustard left for it, so I had to use up the last of the orange marmalade packets from the tool drawer.

Anyway, I’m still sick but I’m back at work, away from the fridge and the TV.

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