Wow, glad that’s over. I always forget how much work it can be if you have kids. This year, in addition to Brett the Arguer, we also had Andrew the Slow, Carry this James and Take Me Home Jose.

Now Jose and his mom brought a new twist to the equation; they are from Puerto Rico and this whole Trick or Treat thing was new to them. First they were confused as to why the boys were going to some houses and not others. We explained the porch light protocol and moved on. Then Jose’s mom kept yelling at him to hollar “Trick or Treat”. I explained to her that first, you have to wait for them to answer the door and second, you don’t have to yell it – it’s more of chant or a depressed song. Okay, she got that okay but I could tell that she and Jose still didn’t get the speed thing. It’s not a leisure stroll, the kids need to run from house to house so that they can get the most booty in the shortest time. And you don’t have to say “Trick or Treat” or even been nice if people take more than 30 seconds to get their lazy butts to the door.

Jose’s mom just threw her arms up in disgust when the other boys left him standing in the road while they ran up to a house with no porch light on. When I explained that a Jack-O-Lantern with no porch light means they are not home but they have left candy on the porch for the taking, she just stared at me. I couldn’t help but laugh. It is a pretty demented tradition actually.

On the one hand, I was disappointed at how many homes didn’t participate even though the residents were clearly home. And I was especially irritated at those who took forever to open the dang door. These kids have booty to amass, sugar to ingest and crap to trade. And this all has to be done early enough so that the adults have a chance to have a little fun in¬†<em>their own</em>¬†costumes (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

On the other hand, I was impressed that these kids didn’t have to dig out two pounds of fruit that smashed all the smarties and stained the pillowcase. No crappy carmeled apples, Chicklets or individual Tootsie Rolls. Even the Sugar Babies were minimal. Good quality crop of Halloween candy this year – Way ta go Marietta!

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