Did you ever wonder why deer seem to be so captivated by headlights? Doesn’t that just seem stupid that they just freeze up when they look at them? Why can’t they just look away?

Well I’m now starting to wonder if it is at all related to the captivation men have with power. Tim Allen became rich and famous making fun of this phenomenon. Needs more power…. A commercial has been airing during the playoffs and World Series for the Gillette M3 Power. This is a step up from the Mach 3 Turbo. By the way, putting the words Mach and Trubo in the same title is pure marketing genius on the part of Gillette. Want to sell something to men? Use the words Turbo, Mach, Long Lasting, Heavy Duty, etc.

So anyway, I’m watching this commercial and it shows a battery being inserted into the handle. Way Cool! I gotta have one of those. Seriously, I’m thinking it must really give you a close shave if it has a battery. I keep telling myself to watch more closely the next time the ad comes on so I can see how it works. Not that it matters; it’s already sold in my mind. But I keep missing the details. All I catch is the term “Micro-Pulses”. Ooooh, that’s how it works. Micro-pulses. Damn, I should have paid more attention in school so I’d know what a micro-pulse is. So I looked it up on the internet.

Various applications require the generation of a pulse train of uv pulses. Coherent engineers have built several systems that operate in a pulse-burst or macro/micro-pulse mode.

The most common application of this technology is photocathode illumination in electron accelerators. Typical requirements are uniform energy, 10-100 ps, UV pulses at a rep. rate of 50-350 MHz with a macro-pulse period of 1-100 microseconds.

A system of this type typically begins with a modelocked oscillator, often with a rep. rate that can be locked to the RF of the accelerator. We then use our digitally controlled optical pulse slicer to shape the macro-pulse out of the modelocked pulse train.

There you have it. Micro-pulses raise hair up away from the skin just like Gillette says. I cannot believe no one has discovered this until now! Way to go Gillette!! I am confident they will have a Longer Lasting model out soon.

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