Shamu Sham

Well I should be proud of myself. Made it to Sea World and back with no speeding tickets, no mechanical malfunctions, no pecan log purchases, I even made it past all the fireworks places without being tempted.

A couple of disappointments at Sea World though. Not only did Shamu not come and sit at our table during “Dinner with Shamu”, but I was devastated to learn of a little known secret held tightly in the Orca Whale world. THERE IS NO SHAMU! Can you believe it? They have 9 Killer Whales there and they are ALL called Shamu. It’s the stage name they use when performing to protect their real identities from the public. They don’t want people calling them at home just to say “Hey Taku, remember me? Seat 27 in the soak zone, second show July 5th? Yada, yada, yada.” Apparently the whales find this sham pretty funny. I could see them smiling and winking at each other every time some unknowning schmuck hollared “Hey Shamu!”

Oh well, at least Clyde & Seamore are real.

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