The Palm Returns….sort of

So my Palm Pilot finally came back. You will recall from an earlier blog that I dropped something on it and shattered the glass. I sent it to Palm and for 125.00 they promptly sent me a reconditioned one. One problem. I sent them an m515 and they sent me a reconditioned m505. They look identical except for the screen brightness. The m515 is much brighter. HEY, excuse me, am I boring you here? Pay attention, this is important stuff! Not EVERYTHING is funny. So anyway I called them up, bitched them out, and sent it back. They in turn sent me a reconditioned m515. Well, actually, it’s still an m505. It just has a m515 case. This thing is dim as hell and the cases are identical so how would I, a poor, ignorant consumer, know any better.

I guess I could keep sending it back and making them pay shipping until they do the right thing, but by then they will have upgraded 4 more times and nothing will run on it anyway. So I’ve decided to spare myself further anguish and just cower like the beaten consumer dog that I am. I know, I know; I’m letting down my fellow man and helping empower big business. I am sorry. I just can’t face another trip to the john without my Freecell…

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