Hurricane Frances

Storms a comin’. We bettah head back to dah haaba. Hurricane Frances is headed straight to Atlanta. Yeah right. My friend John in Daytona tells me most hurricanes are really non-existent, created by a conspiring group of meteorologists who are compensated nicely by Home Depot to increase plywood sales.

And speaking of hurricanes, why do all those news stations have to send people down to the beach to report. I realize all the traffic is heading away from, and not to the beach, and the backdrop of big waves is very dramatic, but what a waste of time and money. If I’m an up and coming news source, I’m gonna use file footage. Whether it’s Miami today, or Cape Hatteras (they love to go there) ten years ago, it’s the same wet moron standing in front of big waves telling us about hurricanes while his comb-over whips all the way off camera. They all look the same to me.

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