Office Greetings

I work for a pretty big company; about 1200 people in the home office. Over the years, I’ve noticed some unique phenomenon which seem to occur in the office environment. One of them is the fact that I can go two, three, even four years without seeing someone from another area of the company and then suddenly, I am walking into them or passing them in the hall every other hour for the next several days. I’ll call it Co-Worker Borealis. It also coincides with another phenomenon, theĀ Diminishing Office Greeting. You know, you pass someone in the hall and it’s “Good morning Phil!”, “Good morning Jef!” Then you pass again in an hour and it’s “Hey man.”, “Hey.” You pass again in 15 minutes, clearly in synchronous orbit, and you just nod at each other, then it regresses to that weird eyebrow thing and after that you each look away and even get irritated with each other. Seriously, if you want to piss someone off, don’t regress and keep doing the “Good morning Phil!” thing and I’ll bet you get punched out before lunch.

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