Oh wow, another afternoon wasted waiting on the cable guy. There’s a big surprise huh. We got a high def TV so we called the cable company and asked how we get HD channels. They said it would cost 5 bucks a month and we’d need a digital box. No problem, take an afternoon off from work, cable guy comes, installs new box, all is good. WRONG. We are only getting broadcast HD channels, none of the cable HD channels. Two or three more simple phone calls to Comcast to find out they need to come out and hook up the HD channels. Another afternoon off, waiting for cable guy. He walks in and tells us since we already have a digital box, there is nothing for him to do, cable HD channels just need to be switched on at the old home office. Wasted trip, wasted afternoon off. Call the old home office and they say, ‘Oh, ya want the cable HD channels, why didn’t you just say…’ So they push some buttons tell me to reboot the box and check it again after 6:00. No problem. WRONG; still no HD. Three or four more calls to Comcast over the next two days determines we need another service call. Another afternoon off from work. Cable gal comes over and says we are not getting the cable HD channels because we are not subscribed to them. I go semi-postal and tell her she’s not leaving until I see ESPN, in High Def, on my tv!

We now have broadcast AND cable HD channels and we only have to pay an extra 4270.00 a month. That’ll teach ’em to mess with ME.

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