Okay, I got the night off from the Flight School due to weather and I’m thinking great, now I have extra time; I can do a couple things from my weekend to-do list and still have time to watch some baseball. WRONG. Circuit breaker keeps poping so I have to troubleshoot a mass of wires and cords in the dark, in the attic. The previous owner was an absolute wiring genius. If you want to turn on the back yard flood lights, you simply drag a ladder into the basement, climb up and push out a ceiling tile, reach above the ceiling until you find a pull string which turns on a light bulb above the ceiling but also turns on the flood lights! I can’t believe no one else has thought of this. What I like to do is leave the ladder there until I’m done with the back yard flood lights. That way, I don’t have to bring it back in to turn them off. Pretty smart, huh.

Anyway, the “attic schematic” is very similar, so all I really had to do was reroute a few extension cords (you know, the ones they make especially for attics) and tape up some exposed wires and Viola! Back in bidness.

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